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What are Machined Face Wheels?

We sell several machined face wheels that fit Audi, Honda, Lexus, Range Rovers and more! But what is it?


4x 21 inch alloy wheels for Mercedes-Benz E S GLC ET35 8.5J | eBay

If you browse around our website, you will notice that a lot of the high quality factory style wheels that we sell have a machined face style. For example, our Toyota Corolla Sport wheels come with a beautiful Black Machined Face finish. You might be wondering, what exactly is a machined face set of wheels?

A machined face wheel simply describes the technique that is used during the manufacturing process that gives the wheels a smooth and shiny surface after it is all said and done. The bright shiny finish can be similarly compared to that of a CD disc used for a computer. To obtain the finish, the manufacturing process for machined face wheels gently removes a thin layer from the surface of the wheel. In modern day wheel machining, the surface is initially painted a specific color prior to polishing the paint off to reveal a contrasting color.

The positives of having a set of machined face wheels is that it looks nothing like your average steel or alloy wheels. It has a beautiful finish and is designed to make the wheels look attractive and give your car that little extra pop that it needs to stand out from the crowd.

A downside to having a set of machined face wheels is that it will be hard to repair & restore it to its original condition if you have damaged the wheels. The reason is that wheels would need to go through the whole machining process over again. However, the good news is that it is typically more durable than regular painted alloy wheels.

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