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The 4 reasons why you should join a car club

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Joining a car club is one of the best things a car enthusiast can do for themselves! We share the top benefits of joining a car club! Fun fact! The staff here at WheeloutletNJ all started off as random strangers who met at a car club meet that sparked a lifelong friendship of shared interests and common goals. In this day and age, social connection and networking is more important than ever. It's all about WHO you know and NOT what you know. We are here to share our knowledge that we learned over the years to help you find your interests and explore!
By joining a car club, you get to:

1) Meet people with common interests

    1. If you have a niche car with somewhat of a cult following (example: Subaru WRX, Toyota TRD, etc.), we highly encourage you to go out to local car clubs to get to meet people. Chances are that you all share a common interest, whether that's rallying or off-roading or just love a specific TV show or movie!
    2. You could develop lifelong friendships that turn friends into family.
    3. The average individual is NOT a car enthusiast so there is nothing better than finding a group of people you can relate to.

    2) Participate in fun and engaging activities & community service 

      1. If you are ever bored on a weekend, the chances are that your local car group or car club has events coming up on the horizon. These events could vary from going on a cruise up a twisty mountain or grabbing food at the local pub or getting ready to hit the track to beat personal records.
      2. Some local car clubs host weekly meets at a set destination just to have enthusiasts gather and network with each other. This also provides each individual a chance to show off their very own car or learn more about another individuals car to gain inspiration for modifications. 
      3. Local car clubs always give back to the community whether that's through bringing the club to a local restaurant or having a group community service event to build some camaraderie.

    3) Pick other peoples brains for information and answers

      1. Ever wondered what wheels will fit your vehicle? or what is the best aftermarket exhaust without droning for your car? or what is that clicking sound coming from the engine? Your local car club or group will be the best source of information when you want to gather some opinions about a specific question you have.
      2. There are always people more experienced and knowledgeable than you in these groups so it is a great source of learning more about your car and its limits.

    4) Discounts with sponsors

      1. It is always nice to save some money (which is what we do for our customers) when spoiling our cars. Local car clubs usually have businesses who act as sponsors of the car club. This provides the members of the car club with exclusive discounts and information. This could include discounts on cars at dealerships, car parts, car tunes, labor & work, powder-coating, detailing and window tinting. 

    Now, the most important part is going out and getting outside of your comfort zone to join a local car club. Here's how you can start to look for one & join one! Please keep in mind that not every car has a club that is available for them, however, that might be an opportunity for you to start one in your city or state. The easiest way to start is by Googling your car make and/or model and enter the word "club" and your state after.

    Example, "Toyota TRD Car Club" or  "Subaru WRX Club New Jersey"

    Another effective way is to search on Facebook for any groups that fit the examples listed above and request to join it. You can also utilize Instagram to look for any car club accounts to follow as a start.

    We sincerely hope that you can eventually find a group of tight-knit comrades that you can call family like we have. It is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences a car enthusiast can go through.

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